Landlord Representation

The Magner Group has a vast experience representing a diverse group of properties ranging from retail storefronts, to portfolios of over half a million square feet.  Client satisfaction is the forefront of our business.  Our mission is simple: lease to the highest caliber and best qualified tenants, while yielding the lowest possible vacancy rate.

Representing your property is a full time job and we take it seriously.  Our success is attributed to utilizing many facets of marketing as well as extensive canvassing for tenants.  Over the years we have proudly maintained an exceptional reputation within the brokerage community, attracting a steady flow of prospective tenants for our buildings.

The Magner Group has had continued success with management companies as well as working directly with landlords.  We believe it is not enough to have the doorman or a superintendent showing your space.  You need someone who knows what the spaces across the street and around the corner just leased for.

It would be our pleasure to provide references from landlord that we have represented.


Tenant Representation

Tenant  Representation is the core of our business.  We have helped facilitate and advise many companies both growing and shrinking.  Navigating here is competitive.  Manhattan has one of the lowest vacancy rates with some of the highest rents in the world. The Magner Group has access to almost every listing and are prepared cater to your exact needs.

Leasing space does not just involve real estate brokers, it is a team effort.   We are always happy to recommend a few architects, attorneys, contractors, designers, movers and telecommunication experts so you can decided who will best fit your needs.

The Magner Group has placed a variety of businesses from advertising firms and video game developers looking for office space, to restaurateurs and fashion tenants looking for retail stores.  We know that the moving process can be expensive and a burden on your business and we are going to help make it as painless as possible so you can get back to what you do best.


Investment Sales

Like you, investment sales is not only our business, it is our passion.   When done correctly real estate is one of the safest and profitable investments you can make.  We pay close attention to growing neighborhoods and market prices to help guide you to get the most out of your money.

This is one of the toughest, sought after markets in the world.  If you are already an investor then you probably know many of the transactions in NYC are in contract or closed before the listings ever hit the market.  The Magner Group has an advantage over our competition.  Having navigated here for nearly a decade we have acquaintances throughout the city always looking to buy and sell properties.

Making an investment in the real estate in a multi-family, office building or new development is a major purchase and takes time.  We have the patience, skills and resources it takes to make sure your investment is lucrative.