About Us

The Magner Group is a vibrant, full service New York commercial real estate firm.  We specialize in leasing retail storefronts, office spaces and the purchasing and selling of investment properties.  With nearly a decade of experience in the competitive Manhattan market, we pride ourselves on our direct approach.

We are not your typical brokers.  Everyone knows the general perception of brokers.  At The Magner Group we like to think of ourselves as consultants or facilitators, not salespeople.  Our goal is to give our customers a transparent view of the leasing and sales process while following through with a strong negotiation.   You make the decisions; we bring you the current and future knowledge of the market and then retrieve the results you want.  Our business has remained strong over the years with a vigorous referral base, proven track record and a relentless work ethic.   A happy customer is much more valuable to us then a closed transaction.

Never leased a space in Manhattan before?  That’s ok with us.  The Magner Group will guide you through everything you need to know and alert you to some things you wish you didn’t know.  New York is like no other place in the world.  We have several professional resources and the knowledge you need to  assist your operation to be more successful.